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Nothing breeds inspiration like a dedicated craft room. With smart design and some creative organisation, you’re prepared for anything from a pop-up birthday party to a rainy Saturday in desperate need of kid friendly projects.

Craft rooms are all about having what you need, when you need it. The best designs leave the room clean and tidy, with your stuff out of the way but within easy reach. It’s also smart to store items by “amount of use” – tools used more often should live closer than tools just used once in awhile. These spaces are very functional in nature, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for creativity. Here are a few ideas on how you can build your own craft room!

Up-cycled storage

Shelves, cubbies and custom-made organisers are great, but you can also get creative with repurposed household items. The more imagination you put into your room, the more inspired you’ll be when you’re in it. We love these new uses for wall planters, mason jars, wine racks, and paper towel holders.

Gift-wrapping stations

Keeping an assortment of cards and wrapping paper at-the-ready means you’ll be prepared for any celebratory event that pops up. Shower rods in a shelf become perfect wrapper paper holders.
And an old shutter makes a clever place to store cards.

DIY work tables

Most crafts require a flat surface to work on. Hollow-core doors stacked on top of simple bookshelves make an extra-large table (with even more storage!).

Talking walls

Give yourself space to see your thoughts. Chalkboard or whiteboard paint lets you jot down notes, sketches or ideas for your current project. And when you’re ready to move on the next one, just wipe it away.

For more great ideas check out some inspiration over at our Pinterest page!




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