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We love Dr. Seuss
We love Dr. Seuss

We love Dr. Seuss

He’s been spreading happiness, laughter and love for close to a hundred years. Although his adored books were written for children, it’d be hard to find a person of any age that wouldn’t find wisdom in his words.

We can’t help but love what Dr. Seuss represents. The value of relationships (How the Grinch Stole Christmas), inspiration and encouragement (Oh, the Places You’ll Go!), and creativity (in, well, everything).

Here are our top 5 favorite tidbits about Dr. Seuss:

  1. He first started using the name “Seuss” after being sacked from his college magazine after he was caught drinking gin (this was during U.S. Prohibition). Undeterred, he kept writing, using his middle name as a penname.
  2. He wrote his first book, To Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street, after being inspired by the rhythm of a ship’s engine. It was rejected by 27 publishers.
  3. He was afraid of children. According to his wife, at least. But he never had any of his own. He’s been quoted to say, “You have ‘em, I’ll amuse ‘em.”
  4. Green Eggs & Ham was written on a bet. His editor wagered that he couldn’t write a book using 50 words or less. It uses 50, exactly.
  5. If he didn’t have the perfect word, he’d make one up. He’s credited with inventing the term “nerd,” with the first ever written record of it in If I Ran the Zoo.

Oh he was a great one,
In his special way
That’s why we just love him
Just love him, we say!

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